And Now for Something Completely Different – Vaginas

Yes I did say vaginas….not so long ago, I made a short teaser video for the Beside Ourselves Collective theatre company who produced a play about the hypocrisies of the way girls are taught about sex in evangelical churches. The play was outstanding, I have actually seen it a couple of times, first at the Reading Fringe and second at the Peoples’ Theatre in Camden.

Both times it has had me in stitches.

If you go to church and have young people who attend, this will def be something to show. It certainly puts what I got taught about sex at the churches, I have attended (Yes The Burly Photographer can be found in church sometime) in some kind of context.

So here’s the video, I put together. – Enjoy- BTW those ARE vaginas

Beside Ourselves Collective Promotional Trailer from Theburlyphotographer on Vimeo.

Dancing in the moonlight

I rather like salsa dancing. I know its a bit of a cliche, but its such fun. If you haven’t tried partner dancing you really should give it a go, you won’t regret it – honest. Last week I was at a dance workshop trying to Tango and this week, I was at the amazing Salsa Bachata Social Club in Reading, for their monthly Salsa and Bachata party.

If you are in the Ding, you should shuffle your dancing feet there immediately, well immediately when their next evening is on, in March. Find out more about their next salsa party here.

I wanted to make a video of the evening and here it is. It seems to be proving popular on Facebook. You exclusively you can see what salsa dancers get up to on a Friday night.

I also create videos for all sorts of organisations and you can see some of my handiwork here.