Wow! Just Wow

Last Friday saw me shooting the first heat of the amazing Burlesque Idol 2017 at the Hippodrome London.

The show was outstanding with Burlesque (and for the first time Boylesque) acts that challenged preconceptions and made you think. The winner of the heat Bonnie Knockers will certainly open your eyes if you are a bloke.

I have said it before and will say it again, I have to I need to get the word count up on this blog, if you haven’t been to Burlesque Idol before then you should go.

Its amazing

End of

Nothing more to say.

Here are the pics.

Click on the picture to see the whole set.

Burlesque Idol January

Coming Soon: Burlesque Idol 2017

Yes the wait is nearly over and the 2017 season of Burlesque Idol is about to start. I loved being the house photographer for the 2016 season and the standard is outstanding.

The title picture is of Fifi von Tassel the 2017 winner. She was challenging and amazing, the picture gives a hint of how happy she was to be declared the winner.

If you love Burlesque, if you are interested in Burlesque, if you have never been to a Burlesque show and are sure that you will disapprove you should go, the shows will blow your mind. Last year’s performers were some of the best Burlesque that I have ever seen and I am sure that this year, the show will be even better.

Each heat will take place at the Hippodrome Theatre, Leicester Square which only adds to the majesty of the show. Tempest Rose and her team put on a show that will astound you.

Have a look at some of the pics I took last year by clicking on the photo below:

Burlesque Idol 2016

The first heat is 20th January at the Hippodrome, you can find full details by clicking here.

Put the night in your diary, book your ticket and put your party togs you. As the new President of the US might say…….it’ll be great.





Burlesque Idol

Burlesque Idol is fantastic.

There I have said it, Tempest Rose and her team put on an amazing show. The quality of the burlesques, the venue and the atmosphere make every evening completely unforgettable. I was fortunate enough to be the photographer for the night at the last Hippodrome heat and was once again blown away by the show.

Here are my pics and if you haven’t been to the Burlesque before check this one out

burlesque idol 2016 Round 2//