Dictatorships of Failure


Another look at the pictures from my recent trip to the Imperial War Museum.

The place is full of the imagery of dictatorship and mass murder. The best images of failed dictatorships was a wall mural made from tiles (which probably shouldn’t be called a mural, but I digress) of Saddam Hussain. His burly visage stares out of a wall rifle in hand. It reminds the visitor of the man and how he wanted to be seen. Firm, martial a man of the people – utter tyrant.

Some of the imagery of dictatorships was a bit more ephemeral, the Nazi eagle from a building in Berlin. It is full of bullet holes and somehow vital and strong. Its very strange. The final images you might have already seen, those of Maggie. – I know that she wasn’t a dictator in the fullest sense of the word, but at the time those of us who lived through her reign weren’t so sure.

Pictures of Dictatorships Gone By

Shooting Mrs Thatcher

Had a day off yesterday, so went to the Imperial War Museum in South London. I thoroughly recommend the museum, but on turning a corner I came across Mrs Thatcher. I wasn’t expecting to see her and frankly the Spitting Image model of Britain’s first woman Prime Minister was a little shocking.

Mrs Thatcher

The model seems to capture that distinct flavour of distain and middle class haughtiness that she used to convey.

Go to the museum, enjoy the exhibits, be challenged by its presentation of war and disaster, but be warned, some of the things you will see are not for the faint hearted.

Here is the full set of pictures from our “photoshoot”. Click the picture to see all the shots.

Mrs Thatcher - Sort of