Lost Landscapes

When I was about 11, the same year that Elivs shuffled off his mortal coil, I went to stay with my Grandparents who lived in the deepest darkest Aberdeenshire. It was summer and warm, but my grandparents wanted me, and my sister, to be healthy so took us to the seaside.

They chose to try out the Tarlair Swimming Pool a fantastic Art Deco outdoor swimming pool which was filled by the incoming tide. My memory was that it was bloody, bloody cold – OK I should have tried to remember it as a beautiful Art Deco experience in a beautiful Scottish cove. But, truth be told it was just cold, cold, cold.

Today the site is derelict and utterly beautiful.

Tarlair Swimming Pool Tarlair Swimming Pool

Tarlair Swimming Pool Tarlair Swimming Pool

Tralair Swimming Pool

The Burly Photographer – Famous In Fife

There are a many great things in Scotland, Glasgow, Whisky, Shortbread and the Beano comic. Now this great list can grow by 1 – The Burly Photographer. More than 70 years ago my Grandfather travelled South to London to make his fortune and now my pictures are returning North, taking Burlesque with them – As a fully paid up Puritan, I am sure my Grandfather (to be said with an Aberdonian accent) would have approved.

The former Burlesque Idol competitor, Brandy Montmartre is using some of the pics that I took of her in the competition to promote her gigs and to generally make her mark on Burlesque in Scotland.