A Day Out With Imogen

Like many photographers, I am a fan of the Weekly Imogen website featuring the work of photographer Mark and the model that he has worked with for four years Imogen. You can see their work on Youtube and Instagram .

They offer monthly courses in daylight portraiture, which is something that I am very interested in. So as a birthday pressie to myself I signed up to a course at the end of Feb.

It was super cold, but the results were fantastic and very enjoyable. It showed me some new locations and gave me lots of ideas, which I am looking forward to using in my next portrait shoots.

I think the pics speak for themselves

A photo course with Imogen A photo course with Imogen

A photo course with Imogen A photo course with Imogen

A photo course with Imogen//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Objectifying Men

I am probably best known as a photographer of Burlesque shows and of women. A friend of mine challenged me about this and I started looking at my pictures of men. This got me wondering whether photographs of male subjects might not be a more interesting portrait than the pictures I usually take.


I have started to study the male face and to objectify that to see what I can learn. I am still on my journey of taking pictures of men. I try now to always include shots of male figures at every gig I go to. I have been collecting the pictures into a folder and present them here below.

I have to admit at a couple of the pics are of me and were taken by someone else, but the processing is mine and I wanted to include them in the set.

Anyway enough talking here are the pictures, what do you think?