Politicians I’ve Shot

Hopefully that got your attention. I was thinking about the photographs I have taken and realise that I have taken pictures of some of those that had led us in the early part of the Century and a few other ‘famous’ politicians in the last couple of years.

So here’s a few of the pics I have taken of those that have led us, influenced us or sought to lead us.

David Lammy 2018

Angela Rayner MP 2018

Angela Rayner in Woodley

Angela Rayner MP 2017

No To DUP Coalition Protest

Owen Jones 2017 (Again)

No To DUP Coalition Protest

Sir Keir Starmer MP and Matt Rodda MP 2017

Keir Starmer MP and Matt Rodda MP

Chukka Umunna MP 2016

Chuka Umunna

Jonathan Aitken 2014

Jonathan Aitken

Diane Abbot MP 2014

Mark Duggan Vigil Tottenham

Lord Neil Kinnock 2014

Neil Kinnock in Reading

Lord David Blunkett 2014

David Blunkett in Reading

Paris Lees 2013


Owen Jones 2013


Lord John Prescot 2010 – Reading

Eddie Izzard 2010 – Reading

Rev. Jessie Jackson 2008 – A long time ago and a bit soft

Rev Jessie Jackson in Reading 2009