Give your profile pictures wiiiiiiiiings

I have a special offer this week

A street photo portfolio shoot – spend the day in using Brick Lane as a backdrop for portfolio photos or simply for the fun of it.

Spice up your portfolio, just for fun or simply because you want some pictures that look different from everyone else? You have a dramatic personality why not bring it out with a street shoot in London’s charismatic Brick Lane.

A special cost of £150 and you will receive 5 photos with the amazing backdrop of Brick Lane in the background.

Use your burlesque costume or even your best ‘Ascot’ clothes. Spend half a day with the Burly Photographer to take some awesome street photos which will spice up your portfolio.

Tricky Formal Points

The photoshoot will take around 3 hours

You will be responsible for your own clothes, make-up and hair

It will be a relaxed lifestyle and dramatic shoot, rather than a usual boring studio shoot. It will be relaxed and personal reflecting your amazing personality

Want a street shoot? Fill in the form

A New Day

It was announced last night that George Michael died last night. This seems the culmination of a terrible 2016. This year has been a disaster on so many levels personal and political.

Looking through my photos I found this one which was taken in the Autumn and I thought that it was appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in.

Today is a new day and a new beginning.


Taken with NightCap Pro
Taken with NightCap Pro

Burlesque Idol Final

I was lucky enough to be the photographer at the final of the most awesome Burlesque Idol. It is a spectacle of amazingness, each act was outstanding and utterly brilliant. Ok, perhaps too many superlatives. The winner Fifi Von Tassel was an astounding and a challenge to everyone’s preconceptions.

If you get a chance, go an visit next year’s competition it will be brilliant.

Burlesque Idol Final 2016