2014 is over long live 2014

Its the end of January and I am just starting to catch up on 2014. Late I know but last year was so fantastic. I shot gigs at the Rising Sun, Shenai, Sun Inn, Risc, Walkabout, East Reading Festival, Swan Fest, Penta Hotel, Watlington House, Up the Junction and a host of other places around Reading. The bands I shot is almost without end. Some gigs stick in the memory, other’s less so, but they were all fun and I saw my pics being used by bands around the South. I thought I would put a few of the shots that I liked best up to remind me what a great year it has been and to inspire me to work harder and get more gigs shot in 2015.

If you are a band and looking for someone to shoot your gigs or do portfolio shots, give me a call. I’d love to help,

OxJam Reading Takeover

Fantastic day shooting at the Oxjam Reading Takeover, over 60 bands playing in upteen locations. I was the MC and photographer for the Sun Inn pub Castle St and was very pleased with my shots. The bands were amazing and the lighting and sound out of this world. This was organised by the brilliant Producktions who if you are planning an event you really should use. A long day with more than a few technical challenges but a great success.

I love being at a gig and taking pictures its always a challenge to get the light right and the framing interesting. I was also processing, uploading and tweeting in real time so that OxJam goers could get up to date images. It was very stimulating to do it all in real time. Twitter, FB and Instagram were humming. I learnt loads and will be able to make some changes for next time.

To see all the images click here but I have put a selection of images here in a gallery too. Enjoy

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