A New Day

It was announced last night that George Michael died last night. This seems the culmination of a terrible 2016. This year has been a disaster on so many levels personal and political.

Looking through my photos I found this one which was taken in the Autumn and I thought that it was appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in.

Today is a new day and a new beginning.


Taken with NightCap Pro
Taken with NightCap Pro

The Flying Boy

Someone said to me recently that it doesn’t matter what kind of camera that you use, just that you take good pictures. I have been trying this out with my phone. Near my “day job” in Newbury. There is a statue, a sort of cut out which throws a shadow or makes a strong silhouette depending on the time of day and the way you look at it.

I was out at lunchtime and saw the street art, statue, call it what you will silhouetted against the weak August sun. After a little work in Photoshop you get the picture in the back ground of this post. The affect is most fetching I think.

What do you think?