London becomes a fortress

Terrorism is a fact of life, well a fact of my life anywhere. When I was 7 the IRA blew up the toy-shop I used to buy Action Men in, which was next to one of the pubs that they attacked in Guildford Surrey. When I was a teenager, I remember going to see the broken windows at Harrods following the bomb that the IRA placed there in 1981 or maybe 1982.

In the 1990’s I saw French soldiers hassling a man of North African appearance after a series of terrorist outrageous in Paris. At the same time I remember the complete disappearance of public waste bins after the IRA, again, had taken to leaving fire-bombs in the railway station bins. London’s streets really suffered after these outrages, the streets were filthy.

I have been at the edge of latest bought of terrorism, when I was at Edgware Road tube station 2 hrs before the 7/7 explosions and then had a really difficult time trying to reach my darling sister who worked in the City at the time.

So, it should really come as no surprise to see anti-terrorism measures around London. But, but, but, despite seeing anti-terrorism measures on nearly every London Bridge over the Thames, I was terribly shocked and stunned to see anti-terrorism, anti-suicide and anti-wild driving barriers around Leicester Square.

Concrete Blocks Leicester Sq

The blocks are somehow beautiful, somehow terrifying, somehow stunning. It makes me really sad to see them.

For me, Leicester Square is a centre of fun. When I was 18 I went to see my first X-Rated film there, Risky Business – Tom Cruise (It’s really not that racy), I have been clubbing in the Square, met friends in the Square and bought theatre tickets in it to. There are also pretty nice public loos there too. Leicester Square is also the spiritual home to The Burly Photographer. I have shot Burlesque Idol umpteen times at the Hippodrome Casino. I have probably taken something like 20,000 images there. To have the Square barrackaded like a fort seems almost obscene.

It is obscene, but it is logical

Concrete Blocks Leicester Sq

But – lets look at this another way round.

Leicester Square is a centre of entertainment, it is fun messy, smelly (sometimes) and the place where fun begins. We should want to defend the ability to have fun, if we cannot have fun, have a laugh, get pissed and make fools of ourselves, then terrorism has completely won.

So we have to defend it – the fortress is unfortunate – but it has to be done – Es Liebe Madness……..

Coming Soon: Burlesque Idol 2017

Yes the wait is nearly over and the 2017 season of Burlesque Idol is about to start. I loved being the house photographer for the 2016 season and the standard is outstanding.

The title picture is of Fifi von Tassel the 2017 winner. She was challenging and amazing, the picture gives a hint of how happy she was to be declared the winner.

If you love Burlesque, if you are interested in Burlesque, if you have never been to a Burlesque show and are sure that you will disapprove you should go, the shows will blow your mind. Last year’s performers were some of the best Burlesque that I have ever seen and I am sure that this year, the show will be even better.

Each heat will take place at the Hippodrome Theatre, Leicester Square which only adds to the majesty of the show. Tempest Rose and her team put on a show that will astound you.

Have a look at some of the pics I took last year by clicking on the photo below:

Burlesque Idol 2016

The first heat is 20th January at the Hippodrome, you can find full details by clicking here.

Put the night in your diary, book your ticket and put your party togs you. As the new President of the US might say…….it’ll be great.