Vintage Selfies

We all take selfies, its part of modern life. You whip out your phone and bosh, the picture is taken. When you had a manual camera and used film, it was all much more difficult and hit and miss.

I was shooting a vintage fashion shoot for Georgina’s Vintage Couture in Reading last week and I took along one of my old, manual rangefinder cameras. The models and I had a bit of downtime between set ups and we played a bit with the idea of taking a ‘vintage selfie’ using my old clunky manual, film camera.

I was rather pleased with the results – What do you think?

Vintage Selfie Vintage Selfie

Ok this isn’t a selfie I know, but I love the image.

Vintage Selfie

Vintage Fashion

I was recently asked to do some work for a new vintage shop in Reading, Georgina’s Vintage Fashion Couture in Reading’s Harris Arcade. They wanted a selection of shots to show off their Autumn collection.

We shot in the lovely surroundings of Caversham Court in Caversham and the results are rather lovely.

Gina has made a couple of the shots in to a central part of her banner and an advert, which is aimed at Reading University Students.

If you like vintage clothes go and see Gina or vest her Etsy shop, she has a constantly evolving stock selection and you are bound to find something you like

Here are the ads:

London Fashion Weekend

I had the opportunity to shoot at London Fashion Weekend on Saturday. The shoot was a real challenge, I am used to my subjects moving left to right but not forward and backwards, so there were lots of technical challenges. The models were beautiful and the clothes amazing. I think the pics reflect the amazing day. After the show I stayed around to take pictures of London’s fashionistas as they waited for the next show to begin. A great day and thanks have to go to Canon CPS for organising.