I have been creating a few party videos, for various events I have been working on. Its a different discipline making video and I really enjoy trying to show the excitement and energy that you get a party.

I love parties.

I have also been creating “talking head” videos for a commercial company, where they are using their salesmen as a speaker and spokesman for their products. This is different again and you have to try and show them as sober sensible people.

So here’s the videos:

LASS Latin Party Reading University


The Salsa Bachata Club Reading


Talking Heads


I was asked by the fantastic Reading 3 piece band, Airlocked, to take some artwork pictures for their website, Facebook and publicity. We have been scouting locations around Reading and came up with this fantastic urban location, As with every photoshoot there are the technical details, getting the bits of kit to work in conjunction with each other, then comes the posing and then the processing. To me the guys looked great and I thought that a desaturated look would do these guys proud and bring out the look they were looking for.

If you are a band that is looking for either gig shots or portfolio shots give me a call.

2014 is over long live 2014

Its the end of January and I am just starting to catch up on 2014. Late I know but last year was so fantastic. I shot gigs at the Rising Sun, Shenai, Sun Inn, Risc, Walkabout, East Reading Festival, Swan Fest, Penta Hotel, Watlington House, Up the Junction and a host of other places around Reading. The bands I shot is almost without end. Some gigs stick in the memory, other’s less so, but they were all fun and I saw my pics being used by bands around the South. I thought I would put a few of the shots that I liked best up to remind me what a great year it has been and to inspire me to work harder and get more gigs shot in 2015.

If you are a band and looking for someone to shoot your gigs or do portfolio shots, give me a call. I’d love to help,

Glitterbox Burly Brilliance; Again

Have just finished processing the latest pics from the Glitterbox Burlesque Christmas show fronted by the incomparable compere Alfie Ordinary. I cannot recommend the Glitterbox shows more highly. Amazing and Alfie Ordinary can tickle my ivories anytime, I was supposed to be working but couldn’t concentrate because I was laughing too much. The dancing actings are subtle, funny and will always put a smile on your face. The next show will be in the summer and you have got to, I say got to go.

As a photographer it is pleasure to work with a group of people who are so professional and also make me smile.

So if you are making any resolutions for 2015. Get down to the Glitterbox Burly in Windsor. You’ll love it…….honest.

AND don’t forget if have always promised yourself a glam photo shoot, give me a call. This is the year to make it happen.


Different and the Same

I have been working on the Burly portraits I took for the Glitter Box Burly girls and came up with a different twist which I really really liked. So I though I would share them. I was trying to ad a “vintage” look to the pictures and this is the result.

Obviously I would be happy to take some portrait pics for your portfolio or just for the fun of it. Get in touch

Burlesque Photoshoot

I was asked by some of the fantastic Glitterbox Burly girls to shoot some portrait and posed shoots. The girls are natural performers and very relaxed in front of the camera. I really enjoyed working with the guys and am looking forward to shooting them again soon.

Are you looking for a photographer to take some portrait shots, get in touch I’d love to hear from you:


While working in London I came across a demonstration outside the Benneton Shop in Oxford Circus. The demonstrators, about three in number, were standing outside the store and using their megaphones to bellow in to the store and protest about the use of fur. I am not sure what effect they had but they were very loud and the great British public dealt with it by ignoring them. You can see a couple of the pictures below and see more of my demo/riot work by clicking on the link here

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Reading Vintage

I had the opportunity to shoot at the Reading Vintage Fair, which was taking place at the fantastic Purple Turtle. The Turtle has been recently renovated and is a great place to go for a drink if you haven’t been there recently.

The vintage fair was a fantastic mix of clothes, make up, records and people. The people were particularly photogenic and make me wish I still had hair so that I could wear a quiff.

This gallery shows some of my pics and you can see the whole set here.