No Sign of Flags

I have just come back from shooting the People’s Vote Demo in London on Saturday. Normally, I would blog about the wacky, snarky, sarcastic and funny placards that I saw. There probably will be a post about that however I wanted to highlight something that I noticed and have noticed at various Remainer demos.

Where are the Union Jacks?

When you go to a Remainer demo it is clear that they are for Europe by the number of EU flags that they carry.

People's March - 23/3/19
Remain Demonstrators in Hyde Park
People's March - 23/3/19
Remain Protestor in Park Lane
People's March - 23/3/19
Remain demonstrator in Park Lane

So there were the odd Union Flag they were out numbered 20 or 30 to 1.

People's March - 23/3/19
A lone patriot on the People\s March Demo

Why is this? When I look at myself, I realise that I really don’t like Brexit, but I am very proud of being British, English and I really love my flag. Many years ago I used to go to an American/International School and would wear a Union Flag badge on my jacket.

But if I compare this with the right-wing demo that I covered last year, you see a sea of Union Flags or St George’s Flags.

Pro-Trump Demo
EDL demo 2018
Pro-Trump Demo
EDL Supporters 2018

I absolutely disagree with the sentiments of the posters, however there is a definite pride in the Union Flag or St George’s Flag. Why is this?

Why do the Remainers feel uncomfortable with showing the Union Flag?

Why are the centre and left uncomfortable with carrying the flag?

I know I am proud of being a Brit and have no fear of standing under the flag. Yes Britain, isn’t. the most worthy nation in the world, however in the Remainers not being willing to stand under the flag, they do rather make the point of the Brexiteers about being more interested in Europe than their own nation.

Demonstration in Frankfurt

I have just come back from a grey day in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I was there for a photoshoot with one of my Burlesque friends, more of in a later post. But as I arrived at the station, which was a short walk to my hotel, I was greeted with this site:

Kurdish Demo In Franfurt

Something was obviously about to happen.

There was….


Kurdish Demo In Franfurt

As you can see not everyone was happy to be photographed, in fact someone demanded that I present some sort of credentials before I carried on. They accused me of being a member of the Turkish Secret Service, which I thought was a little far fetched until I heard on the radio yesterday that the Turkish Secret Service was definitely monitoring dissidents in Deutschland.

Obviously not everyone was unhappy at being photographed

Kurdish Demo In Franfurt

The demo trundled by with many more serious faces and fewer home made banners than you normally see in a UK demo.

If you click on this link you will be able to see all the pics I took.

Strangely enough as I walked up the road, I bumped into a number of Turkish demonstrators. Kurds and Turks are not famous for being friends so the close connection of the demonstrations was interesting. Whereas the Kurds were demonstrating against the Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish Demonstrators where demonstrating against Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Frankfurt in the Spring

I think this demo, or perhaps more of a Happening, was trying to get Frankfurt’s Turkish population to vote against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s upcoming referendum about taking more powers to himself – At least I think thats what they were demonstrating about.

Frankfurt in the Spring

And just when you thought that one smallish town had had enough demos for one day, in the same street as the Turkish demo I came across as small demo by Frankfurt’s Iraqi community.

Frankfurt in the Spring

These guys were gamely trying to highlight the suffering of their fellow Iraqis at the hands of so called Islamic State.

All this happened before I even had chance to go to the cabaret show I had come for and before the photo shoot I had planned.

While standing in a grey Frankfurt street trying to set the Middle East to rights seemed a tadge pointless, you can but admire the strength of character of the demonstrators and the determination of them to have their say.

The Flying Boy

Someone said to me recently that it doesn’t matter what kind of camera that you use, just that you take good pictures. I have been trying this out with my phone. Near my “day job” in Newbury. There is a statue, a sort of cut out which throws a shadow or makes a strong silhouette depending on the time of day and the way you look at it.

I was out at lunchtime and saw the street art, statue, call it what you will silhouetted against the weak August sun. After a little work in Photoshop you get the picture in the back ground of this post. The affect is most fetching I think.

What do you think?


While working in London I came across a demonstration outside the Benneton Shop in Oxford Circus. The demonstrators, about three in number, were standing outside the store and using their megaphones to bellow in to the store and protest about the use of fur. I am not sure what effect they had but they were very loud and the great British public dealt with it by ignoring them. You can see a couple of the pictures below and see more of my demo/riot work by clicking on the link here

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