Occupy- Do you remember

Do you remember when we thought that occupation could change the world?

In 2011 the City was occupied, Billy Bragg played an impromptu gig in front of St Pauls and we thought that there was a chance that the world might change. The Arab Spring had just happened and there was hope in the air.

Ok the Arab Spring turned very sour, and Occupy has changed the City not one jot, but it is sometimes nice to simply remind ourselves that there are people who were willing to make a stand and willing to hope for a different future.

Below are some pictures from that year of Occupation in the City, with 2 sites, one infront of St Pauls, another on Finsbury Square and also of the smaller Occupy Nottingham.

Tahrir Square London

Occupation Times
Heated Discussion observed

Finsbury Square

Capitalism Isn't Working
Tax Havens are Immoral


Occupy Nottingham
Occupy Nottingham