Vicious Von Vixen Feb 26th

The Central Station pub near Kings Cross is an amazing little venue. I really like going to Vicious Von Vixen’s cabaret and burlesque show. The quality of the show is always very very high and the atmosphere is totally electric. I have been a few times and always say that I will leave as soon as the show is over but I always seem to be on the last train home from Paddington after the show.

Vicious Von Vixen at Central Station
Duchess DeBerry sharing a moment with a member of the audience
Vicious Von Vixen at Central Station
There was an amazing juggler at the shot
Vicious Von Vixen at Central Station
Duchess DeBerry
Vicious Von Vixen at Central Station
Trash Valentine and a cheeky face
Vicious Von Vixen at Central Station
Daniella DeVille closing the show

HOB Fresh March – Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin

A long title for a mad-fantastic evening of Burlesque at the Rolling Stock Bar in Shoreditch. Tempest Rose’s House of Burlesque hosted their latest fresh show “Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin”.

Vaguely based on Harry Potter it was a crazy evening of top quality burlesque and cabaret. It was a once only show, which was so good that you really shouldn’t have missed it.

HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin

HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin

HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin

HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin And as usual you can see the full set by clicking on the picture below: HOB Fresh March - Harry Potter and the Rhinestone Merkin

Kings Cross Cabaret

Had a fab fab evening at the Vicious von Vixen Vaudeville cabaret at the Central Station Pub near Kings Cross. It was totally stunning, a small venue, top notch performers, a mixture of Burlesque, Magic and Cabaret.

It was so worth the late evening (sorry to my work colleagues if I was a bit grumpy the next morning). One of my fave performers, Coco Nobel started the show off, there was Boylesque from Trash Valentine, more burlesque from Desi Mondaine and Ruby Deshabile. Magic and cabaret was provided by Neil Kelso and the awesome, or should that be ausgezeichnet Eva von Schippisch.

If you are anywhere within an hour’s travel of Kings X get your hulk down there next Tuesday, and every Tuesday I think. I can’t go as I am out of the country.

Vicious von Vixen – showing us how to be an MC

Vicious Von Vixen

Coco Nobel looking stunning


The most amazing Trash Valentine, showing why he is a winner Trash Valentine

Neil Kelso and his duck ( you have to see the show…)

Neil Kelso and Duck

Desi Mondaine – In a difficult moment


Eva – Bringing Peace to Europe Eva von Snippisch

Ruby Deshabille

Ruby Deshabille

Burlesque Idol Feb 18

Yes a couple of Fridays ago it was Burlesque Idol at the Hippodrome in London.

It was AMAZING, I couldn’t believe how good it was. The winner Miss Whisky Twist was surrounded by so much talent that the shone with greatness. Ok, that’s a crap line but if you have never been to Burlesque Idol you def need to get your arse down there.

Here are some of my fave pics.

Next Friday is the next heat, get yourself down to the Hippodrome.

Miss Whisky Twist – The Winner
Miss Whiskey Twist Miss Whiskey Twist

Anne Addiction

Anne Addiction Anne Addiction

Lucille La Belle and Friend
Lucille La Belle Lucia Lucia Saavedra

Obviously thats not the whole set click on the image to see all the pics

Burlesque Idol Feb 18

Lock In – Way Out

I have been shooting at the most, absolute, amazeballs, strange, wild and exciting event I have ever been to.

I shot at the House of Burlesque – Lock In at the Vaults under Waterloo station. It was a barmy, crazy, amazing evening. I left before the end and still didn’t get home until 5am in the morning. I was most exhausted at the end of the event.

You couldn’t believe the event, unless you were there. Its going to be on until March, so if you get the chance, have the energy and want an evening of wildness. Get your arse down there.

Have a look at some of the pics…

The Joy of Boylesque

Most people probably think about Burlesque as just being a female activity. In many cases it is, however there is a strong and sometimes hilarious stream of male burlesque, known as Boylesque.

In the January heat of Burlesque Idol, not only the winner but the runner up were both Boylesque performers. You might have never seen Boylesque before and if you haven’t here are some of my own photographs from the last couple of year’s Burlesque Idol.

Richard Chalke at the Burlesque Idol Final 2016 Richard Chalke Mike Bathke – Making me laugh in 2015 Mike Bathke

Danny Daire in 2016 Danny Daire

Valentine De Labaise 2016

Valentino De Labaise

Valentine De Labaise again 2016 Valentino De Labaise


The Burly Photographer – Famous In Fife

There are a many great things in Scotland, Glasgow, Whisky, Shortbread and the Beano comic. Now this great list can grow by 1 – The Burly Photographer. More than 70 years ago my Grandfather travelled South to London to make his fortune and now my pictures are returning North, taking Burlesque with them – As a fully paid up Puritan, I am sure my Grandfather (to be said with an Aberdonian accent) would have approved.

The former Burlesque Idol competitor, Brandy Montmartre is using some of the pics that I took of her in the competition to promote her gigs and to generally make her mark on Burlesque in Scotland.

Burlesque Idol – January 2018

Burlesque Idol season has started again. I had expected the Burlesque to be of a really huge standard, but I wasn’t prepared for amazing it was going to be.

Right from the word go the quality was outstanding, the spectacle made my head hurt, from the first competitor to the Judge’s performance. The performance of the Judge Dave the Bear made my eyes bleed a bit and it is good to see a bloke who is as hairy as me take to the stage sans kit.

If you haven’t been to Burlesque Idol, why not? The next show is the 4th Feb and you really need to look at yourself very hard if you are considering not going.

Athena Thrillme Burlesque Idol Jan 18

Aurora Novac
Burlesque Idol Jan 18

Burlesque Idol Jan 18

The Winner: Matteo Cruciani

Burlesque Idol Jan 18

Kitty Amour

Burlesque Idol Jan 18 Sharrow Burlesque Idol Jan 18

And finally, possibly the funniest rugby player alive

Vince Moon

Burlesque Idol Jan 18