Life is a cabaret

I was in Frankfurt last weekend as the photographer for the Alte Liebe bar in the heart of Frankfurt’s bar district. The evening consisted of Burlesque from the amazing Coco Nobel, and MC and even a trapeze. How on earth you get a trapeze into a bar, I don’t really know, but they did it.

Alte Liebe Cabaret Frankfurt

Coco is amazing and as she is London based, if you get a chance you should go. Her act is brilliant and she is captivating.

The trapeze was astounding and I still can’t see how they got it in.

Alte Liebe Cabaret Frankfurt

What you can’t see from the picture is that the trapeze more or less takes up the whole of the bar. I still can’t see where all the bits went.

As with any German cabaret there was an MC. In this case there were 2 MCs.

Alte Liebe Cabaret FrankfurtTony Riga and Chantal Chabraque captivated the audience with their cruelly funny sense of humour.

Magicians and dancing girls (217 apparently) made up the rest of the company and you can see all my pics by clicking here.

Alte Liebe Frankfurt Party December