Disunited Kingdom

The angst about Brexit continues. The struggle to make sense what the hell is going on is becoming a little too much to bear. I was in Parliament Square in September taking pics on the day that the MPs took control of the agenda, just before they forced several defeats on the new PM.

As usual there was a selection of amusing and scatty posters with just a minimum of argy bargy between for and against.

Girl in a Headscarf

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine said that she was interested in becoming a model and asked whether I would take some shots of her so that she could practice.

We played around with poses and decided to do a daylight shoot without the aid of flash.

One of the ideas we played with was the use of a headscarf, I think that I had recently been given a book of photos by Steve McCurry and was inspired by his headscarf photos. His photo of an Afghani woman uses a red headscarf, which we didn’t have.

But, Fede – who was modelling that day, managed to pull something quite special off that day.

Woman in a Headscarf
Woman in a Headscarf
Woman in a Headscarf
Woman in a Headscarf

Guitar on the Street

Last week, or maybe a couple of weeks ago I went to see the Don McCullin exhibition at the Tate Britain – Again. If you haven’t been you really should go.

Anyway, I was feeling inspired by McCullin’s people and street photographs. I was wandering in the streets behind the Tate looking for a Boris Bike to take me to the Extinction Rebellion demo and I heard a guitar playing.

I thought I would investigate and I met Francois, who was happy to let me take his picture while he played. I hope that I have done him and his playing justice.

Francois With Guitar behind the Tate
Francois With Guitar behind the Tate

A Day Out With Imogen

Like many photographers, I am a fan of the Weekly Imogen website featuring the work of photographer Mark and the model that he has worked with for four years Imogen. You can see their work on Youtube and Instagram .

They offer monthly courses in daylight portraiture, which is something that I am very interested in. So as a birthday pressie to myself I signed up to a course at the end of Feb.

It was super cold, but the results were fantastic and very enjoyable. It showed me some new locations and gave me lots of ideas, which I am looking forward to using in my next portrait shoots.

I think the pics speak for themselves

A photo course with Imogen A photo course with Imogen

A photo course with Imogen A photo course with Imogen

A photo course with Imogen//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Oysters, Beer and Gin

Saturday saw me enjoying a surprise afternoon of Oysters, Beer and Gin at the Abbot Cook pub on Cemy Junction.

I actually went in because I could here music and was at a lose end but discovered that there was a beer promotion for Blue Point beer which involved free oysters. I like beer but love oysters. I stayed long enough to enjoy a pint or two of Blue Point but also a plate or three of oysters. I didn’t avail myself of the gin, but took some fab pictures of the Fevertree mixer bottles which made an excellent shot. – Just to point out that this post isn’t sponsored by either of these companies, but if they want to contact me about samples and promotion, just drop me a line.

I wasn’t intending to take pictures but working on the basis that when you are in street photography mode, just shoot whats in front of you.

If you want to see the whole range of pictures, click here.

Here are some of the pictures I took on the day.