Down By The River

I spent a wet, cold and fun Sunday clambering about in the River Wandle, South London, photographing the Wandle Trust volunteers on their monthly river clean up.

Wading in the river was awesome fun and helping the Wandle Trust to be able to promote its work was very enjoyable. All this was enabled by my uncle who is a volunteer team leader for the Trust and put me in contact with the organiser.

IMG_5686As you can see there is hardly any likeness between the Burly Photographer and my uncle Wally.

Click here to see all the pics and the article that went with them


Dancing in the moonlight

I rather like salsa dancing. I know its a bit of a cliche, but its such fun. If you haven’t tried partner dancing you really should give it a go, you won’t regret it – honest. Last week I was at a dance workshop trying to Tango and this week, I was at the amazing Salsa Bachata Social Club in Reading, for their monthly Salsa and Bachata party.

If you are in the Ding, you should shuffle your dancing feet there immediately, well immediately when their next evening is on, in March. Find out more about their next salsa party here.

I wanted to make a video of the evening and here it is. It seems to be proving popular on Facebook. You exclusively you can see what salsa dancers get up to on a Friday night.

I also create videos for all sorts of organisations and you can see some of my handiwork here.


I have been creating a few party videos, for various events I have been working on. Its a different discipline making video and I really enjoy trying to show the excitement and energy that you get a party.

I love parties.

I have also been creating “talking head” videos for a commercial company, where they are using their salesmen as a speaker and spokesman for their products. This is different again and you have to try and show them as sober sensible people.

So here’s the videos:

LASS Latin Party Reading University


The Salsa Bachata Club Reading


Talking Heads

Burlesque Photoshoot

I was asked by some of the fantastic Glitterbox Burly girls to shoot some portrait and posed shoots. The girls are natural performers and very relaxed in front of the camera. I really enjoyed working with the guys and am looking forward to shooting them again soon.

Are you looking for a photographer to take some portrait shots, get in touch I’d love to hear from you:

Reading Vintage

I had the opportunity to shoot at the Reading Vintage Fair, which was taking place at the fantastic Purple Turtle. The Turtle has been recently renovated and is a great place to go for a drink if you haven’t been there recently.

The vintage fair was a fantastic mix of clothes, make up, records and people. The people were particularly photogenic and make me wish I still had hair so that I could wear a quiff.

This gallery shows some of my pics and you can see the whole set here.