Release your inner Goddess!!!

I have a special offer this week

A special photoshoot in the privacy of your own home that will make you feel amazing.

Spice up your portfolio, just for fun or simply because you want some pictures that look different from everyone else? You have an amazing personality why not let it out with an amazing portfolio picture and astounding background to show off your inner goddess.

A special cost of £150 and you will receive 4 photos with the an amazing and exclusive wings backdrop to show off your inner goddess.

Use your best ‘Ascot’ clothes or even perhaps something more exciting. Your two hour shoot will make some awesome photos which can be for you or even for you to share with your partner.

Tricky Formal Points

The photoshoot will take around 2 hours

You will be responsible for your own clothes, make-up and hair

It will be a relaxed lifestyle and dramatic shoot, rather than a usual boring studio shoot. It will be relaxed and personal reflecting your amazing personality

Want a goddess photoshoot? Fill in the form

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