How Many Feet do you see?

My day job is in the City of London, one of the wealthiest places on earth.

Everyday I walk through Liverpool St station with thousands of other people all heading for their jobs. We are all pretty well clothed, pretty well paid and generally pretty pretty.

There is though an undercurrent, amidst the riches of the city. You don’t have to look too hard to find it, but find it you can. The other day when there was snow on the ground a bloke was on the Tube begging. He was wet, dishevelled and smelly. He hadn’t been able to sleep because of the snow.

Last week I took a detour on the way to work to take some photographs. Amongst the colourful signs and witty graffiti I came across the following sight

Street Scenes Shoreditch and the City
Street Sleepers City of London

At first I wasn’t sure what it was, it was only when I looked again that I saw amongst the bundle of rags 3 legs. Yes there were 2 men sleeping in this grotty alcove under one sleeping bag.

It seems that in the wealthiest part of the UK very true that in the midsts of riches we are in poverty.

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