I have published a book!!!!!!

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 13.05.15

I have just published a book of my best Burlesque photos of 2018. I can’t believe it, I am so excited that the effort that I put into it has come off.

The first Burly Photographer Album is out! It features the best of Burlesque and Cabaret in 2018. It covers the whole wild world of cabaret, burlesque, boylesque and drag in London this year. It features 48 amazing performers but is only a snap-shot of all the pics I’ve taken in 2018. The book has a wide range of performances and includes 2 Burlesque Idol winners, 1 Miss Burlesque UK winners, 1 Miss Pin Up UK, a couple of Germans and several Australians and a whole world of performers in between.

You can order the book here

There amazing performers featured are

  • Tempest Rose
  • Onyx Fatale
  • Trixee Sparkle
  • Amber Topaz
  • Lolo Brow
  • Donna Divine
  • Regina Cabaret
  • Coco Nobel
  • Gemarella
  • Valerie.savage
  • And While I’m Here
  • Kiki Mellek
  • Mrs No Overall
  • Bambi Bang Bang
  • Bonnie Knockers
  • Miss Kiwi Krush
  • Vince Moon
  • Peter Antanou
  • Bunni Moretto
  • Suzy Lou
  • Bella Rose
  • Allegra Whispers
  • Dickie Dalliance
  • Miss Busty Malone
  • Sandy Fishnets
  • Desi Mondaine
  • Eva von Schnippisch
  • Paulus
  • Carmen Mon Oxide
  • Rubyyy Jones
  • Dolly Trolley
  • Miss Glory Pearl
  • Trixie Tassels
  • Athena Thrillme
  • Trixie Kixx Trash Valentine
  • Miss Whiskey Twist
  • Jessicats
  • Gracie Disgrace
  • Little Lady Luscious
  • Lady Blue Phoenix
  • Vicious von Vixens Vaudeville

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