A Night of Madness

In November I shot the Lady Luscious Cabaret at its graduation show in the Cavendish Arms.

It was a night of wildness, craziness and amazing Burlesque. My mum, who has been rather ill over the summer, said that she wanted to see what Cabaret and Burlesque was all about. I had to keep telling her that most nights I’ve been to or shot are really not as crazy as this night.

To give you an example of the sheer nuttiness, I have never seen the Stage Kitten, Harvey H Hendricks, have an arm wrestle with a member of the audience


In addition to this, there was a mixture of debutante performers and more experienced performers and I was pleased to be able to take pictures of the very first performance of some of the acts. I was a crazy night and one that I could repeat every evening of the week.

Stormina Teacup was one of the debutante performances

Stormina Teacup

Donna Divine has only been performing for a year, but has already found a regular spot on the London Burlesque stage

Donna Divine

Fab Music from Admiral John

Admiral John

I love the cheeky look in this photo

ZeeZee Stardust

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