A “Good” Politician

I was lucky enough to photograph another politician 2 weeks ago. This time it was Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy. He had come to Reading, in support of the new Labour MP, my friend Matt Rodda.

Lammy spoke about the Windrush Generation, Grenfell Tower and of course Brexit. One of the things that struck me was what he said about housing and Grenfell. He talked about how Britain needs to be building more houses. He talked about the experience of living in a house that his parents owned and his cousins and friends living in Council Houses. He talked about this as feeling like a ‘normal’ experience. This certainly was the experience I saw growing up in Chertsey, with “council” and private houses cheek by jowl together. My own current situation, where my own housing situation is a real mess gave what he said extra power.

So what about the photos.

David in pugilistic mode



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