So This Is Where My Pictures End Up

Mugshot board

I have been working on an exciting project with Luscious Cabaret in preparation for Little Last Luscious’ new adventure – the launch of a new cabaret night at Privee Knightsbridge – Private and Confidential.

She asked me to create a series of shots of each of her performers in a Film Noir or 1940s style with dark shadows and a prison board with their name on it. This fits with the dark and dangerous themes of her latest show. We shot them in the Privee itself and then I changed colour to black and white. Lady L then personalised and stylised them to fit her publicity.

I have seen most of the performers in action and it will the cabaret will be AMAZING. The shows will take place every Thursday – yes every Thursday at Privee Knightsbridge so you will get all the cabaret fabness you need in the intimate surroundings of one of London’s most famous cabaret venues.

Book a ticket you know it makes sense…..

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