Kings Cross Cabaret

Had a fab fab evening at the Vicious von Vixen Vaudeville cabaret at the Central Station Pub near Kings Cross. It was totally stunning, a small venue, top notch performers, a mixture of Burlesque, Magic and Cabaret.

It was so worth the late evening (sorry to my work colleagues if I was a bit grumpy the next morning). One of my fave performers, Coco Nobel started the show off, there was Boylesque from Trash Valentine, more burlesque from Desi Mondaine and Ruby Deshabile. Magic and cabaret was provided by Neil Kelso and the awesome, or should that be ausgezeichnet Eva von Schippisch.

If you are anywhere within an hour’s travel of Kings X get your hulk down there next Tuesday, and every Tuesday I think. I can’t go as I am out of the country.

Vicious von Vixen – showing us how to be an MC

Vicious Von Vixen

Coco Nobel looking stunning


The most amazing Trash Valentine, showing why he is a winner Trash Valentine

Neil Kelso and his duck ( you have to see the show…)

Neil Kelso and Duck

Desi Mondaine – In a difficult moment


Eva – Bringing Peace to Europe Eva von Snippisch

Ruby Deshabille

Ruby Deshabille

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