Burlesque Idol – January 2018

Burlesque Idol season has started again. I had expected the Burlesque to be of a really huge standard, but I wasn’t prepared for amazing it was going to be.

Right from the word go the quality was outstanding, the spectacle made my head hurt, from the first competitor to the Judge’s performance. The performance of the Judge Dave the Bear made my eyes bleed a bit and it is good to see a bloke who is as hairy as me take to the stage sans kit.

If you haven’t been to Burlesque Idol, why not? The next show is the 4th Feb and you really need to look at yourself very hard if you are considering not going.

Athena Thrillme Burlesque Idol Jan 18

Aurora Novac
Burlesque Idol Jan 18

Burlesque Idol Jan 18

The Winner: Matteo Cruciani

Burlesque Idol Jan 18

Kitty Amour

Burlesque Idol Jan 18 Sharrow Burlesque Idol Jan 18

And finally, possibly the funniest rugby player alive

Vince Moon

Burlesque Idol Jan 18

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