Anti-Conservative/DUP Coalition demo London

I spent a very hot Saturday outside Downing Street photographing the Anti-Tory/DUP Coalition demo. The crowd of a couple of thousand, gathered on the Ministry of Defence side of Whitehall to express their anger at the Conservative/DUP coalition, the Grenfell Fire and the state of the nation.
No To DUP Coalition Protest

The demo was led by the left’s poster boy, Owen Jones, captured in the image on the right, and was addressed by a selection of Labour politicians and community leaders. Each leader denounced the agreement by the Conservative government, under weak and wobbly PM Theresa May, and the DUP.

The crowd, while relatively small in comparison with other demos I have seen, was united in its opposition to the agreement. My abiding memory of the event was that it was very very very hot. This heat, however, probably dampened down the atmosphere as it was too hot for rioting and mayhem.

No To DUP Coalition Protest

As usual with any UK demo the main outlet for anger was the myriad of different homemade banners that was on display. You can see the full set of banners and my photos from the site by clicking on the picture below. The first picture, is of a set of traffic lights that I saw at Trafalgar Square and thought worth photographing. It is a reminder of how far the UK has come in the last couple of decades and perhaps shows why people are so angry with the Tories, cosying up with the DUP.

No To DUP Coalition Protest

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