Burly Photographer Videos on Public Show

Two of my videos are being featured at public exhibitions over the next few months.

I too am human

The first video is my video, “I too am human” which was shot at the Jungle Camp Calais and which is being shown at the Migration Museum, Lambeth. This new museum is a fantastic place to visit and only a 15 minute walk from Waterloo station.

They have changed the music to a voice over from a refugee who lived at the camp and it is even more effective for the voice over. I am very pleased that this video is being used to support the museum’s work in highlighting the effect of migration on the UK.

You can see the original version here, but I recommend that you see the new version at the museum.

CAD to Innovation

The second video to be part of an exhibition, is the video that I created for Additive Manufacturing leader 3T RPD, CAD to Innovation.

This video will be featured in an exhibition at the Bowes Museum in the North East, Michael Eden: Wedgwood and Wouldn’t .

The video has been chosen as it simply explains the processes that a product goes through when it is manufactured by Additive Manufacturing.

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