All Hail Queen Gog!

International Womens’ Day saw me taking pictures at the awesome Alternative Queen of Reading cabaret held at the Shenai ballroom. The evening was amazing with female comedians, musicians, burlesques and poets taking the stage to show how amazingly talented they are. All of this was compared by the utterly amazing Berlin Baroness . The judges were last year’s amazing winner Robyn Thick with a Y, Sarah Hacker Deputy Mayor of this great town, Caz Cook        late of the lamented Evening Post and Iszi Lawrence ace comedian of this parish. I was asked to shoot the gig and to make sure that I captured every moment on stage. It was a great event, hugely entertaining, a huge challenge to shoot and not get in anyone’s way – well not too much.

The winner was the hugely talented Gog, who is pictured here. Her cheery North Walian gog humour set the bar very high and set her on the road to Queendom.

The main publicity shots have been given to the tireless organiser, Steph but here is a selection of black and whites which I like to think captured some of the action on stage and back stage action.

If you missed out, you missed something very special, don’t miss it next year.


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